This website is specifically for inCompass panellists with software installed on their smartphones or carrying a device provided by Ipsos. If you are a member of the inCompass Diary Panel, please click here.

Welcome to the Ipsos inCompass Panel!

Thank you for agreeing to take part in the inCompass Panel!

If you haven't already, you will firstly need to install the software on your main smartphone. The software will then start collecting information about what you enjoy watching, listening to and which websites and apps you like to use.

If you have an Android smartphone click HERE.

If you have an Apple iPhone click HERE.

How does the App/VPN work?

The MediaCell/MediaCell+ app will sit in the background of your device and monitor what you’ve been watching on TV, listening to on the radio, and monitor how you use your smartphone, as well as picking up your location. The VPN will also collect information about which websites or apps you are using, The App will not “see” or send us any information shown or entered on secure pages of websites, such as passwords or payment details.

Please be reassured that everything is confidential and that the data we collect is for research purposes only. You will not be personally identified as an individual in the results of this research. Please note that by downloading and installing this App, you are agreeing to the MediaCell App Terms and Conditions that can be found here.

We always collect information from you based upon your consent, in particular where you install any of our Apps/VPNs, respond to any survey invitations we might be sending you or that you may otherwise voluntarily provide. Your participation is at your choice. There might also be situations where we are seeking further information from you or even explicit consent where this might be appropriate or required.

More questions?

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You can contact us by:


Phone: 0808 1295701

SMS: 0750 7308591